IT was, according to Weatherman to the Stars Tom Skilling, 209 degrees F on Sunday, July 15th for the Final Day of the new Taste of Chicago 2012. I think that’s what he said… heat index and all. Very hot it was. So nothing better than cool guacamole (and Shandy Beer) to take the edge off.

This year, the Taste was cut in half, running only five days. This year, more culinary experiences were added to draw people downtown for the best food and entertainment in the Midwest… Pop-up restaurants, Chef du Jour events, and most notably My Comedy Cooking Contest.

But this was no ordinary Comedy Cooking Contest, oh no. Unlike most shows, where the audience determines the fate of the 3 contestants, the City of Chicago’s health laws caused me to use a panel of judges to designate the finest Guac in Chicagoland. So, like an epidemiologist, I turned to a fine panel, to get the job done.

(Right to Left) Chef Guy Klinzing – an actual chef in chef’s clothes signed on. His palette and clogs showed me right away he was a man for the job. But I needed some TV zazz! Some local celebrity power, so i turned to the hosts of the FOOD FIGHT segment on ABC’s Windy City LIVE Ji Suk Yi and Matt Knutson.

With such a sterling team, there was no doubt in my mind we’d find the best Guac Chef in Chicago. And we did.


The comedy hit of the show was Rohit, a computer programmer who, evidently, never handled a knife before. He doesn’t cook, he doesn’t date and doesn’t go out much. We spent much of the show, looking for a date for Rohit… several of the ladies in the audience were interested… until it became obvious that Rohit would not have an all inclusive vacation to share.

The winner, as selected by the judges, was not a professional chef, but sure could have been.


She is delighted to have won the Vacation to the Caribbean and now all that remains is selecting her companion. Im sure her InBox is filling up as fast at the judges stomachs. Her name and address is being withheld… to limit the fervent pleas of wanna-be besties!