A while back we did a live remote for ABC’s Windy City LIVE #wcl with legendary blues harmonica player (and Chicago icon) Corky Siegel. We met at Chicago Bagel Authority on Armitage and found some very talented local singers – who didn’t even know they were singers before we forced them.

I worked my way through college, playing music and telling jokes in small clubs around the midwest. My very first “Big” show was opening for Corky at Drake University in Des Moines.

Corky was great that night, and on this cold Chicago morning. That same impish smile and killer harp tone filled up CBA with blues and mojo enough to share.  This is an un-aired outtake from the live shoot. After we switched off the live camera, we just felt like playing a little more. Keep up with Corky’s travels at

Awwwwwwww ya!

Jammin’ with a schmear!


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