Mano a Mano

My fiance Yeni and I are the special guests on the Season Finale of Bravo’s new hit reality series,

INTERIOR THERAPY with Jeff Lewis (May 16, 9pm )

Typically, Jeff and his delightfully hilarious – just friends – better half Jenny Pulos,  storm-troop through couples homes, forcing them to

face the crippling relationship issues that simmer just beneath the surface of their seemingly tolerable lives. Jeff picks and pokes the couples about their differing opinions and tastes in home decor, only to release a  tsunami of tears and tendencies that miraculously always resolve themselves in the final moments of the show.

However, in our episode, we skirt the uber-drama and rely on go-to crowd pleasers: slapstick humor and scandalous innuendo. Jenny, a gifted improvisor from Chicago is hilarious, but Jeff does his best to provoke an apocalyptic meltdown.

Our non-disclosure agreements prevent the inclusion of any more information. Lets just say there’s a reason its the last show of the season.

Set your DVR’s and watch it twice! BRAVO!

Watch a clip from the show

Make sure to stay tuned until the final segment, when Jeff and I saddle up in authentic jousting armor and settle our issues like men.



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