My EMMY Award

Not a bad week to be on TV.

Sunday night, I hosted the Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards Show from the Alhambra Palace in Chicago.  The room was packed with TV luminaries, fans and the TV crew shooting the show for Comcast On Demand.

After only FIVE MONTHS on the air, our show ABC’s WINDY CITY LIVE, was nominated for THREE EMMY AWARDS: One for the show as a whole, another for Contributor Nina Chantelle and one for me.  When the dust settled after the 3 hour show, I found myself the proud new owner of my very first Emmy award.

Thanks to everyone who’s tweeted, Facebooked, Texted and Called over the last 24 hours. It’s been a whirlwind. I’m very proud of our show, and being able to return to my hometown and do the kind of funny pieces that can entertain people.  Especially these days, nothing better than a few laughs to start your day.  Big shout out to all my Windy City LIVE family…

Emmy Winner Matt Knutson, Mary Hynes, Nina Chantelle, me, Hank Mendheim, Cindy Patrasso

In Chicago and the Midwest, you can watch Windy City Live @ 9AM, Monday – Friday, Central Time.

Everywhere else, the show can be streamed live at that same time at


Keep watching and keep laughing!  Tune in Thursday, when I’ll be in the kitchen, cooking with Martha Stewart.