Here’s a new episode of my MSN series, ROAD RAVES. In this one, we show you how to save substantial money on gas to drive farther on each tank of gas.

Watch the video here:

Road Raves

And to REALLY SAVE on gas, check out Envirotabs fuel additives. Just one $3 tablet per tank increases mileage by 15%-20% depending on your driving habits. I personally endorse them, as they not only increase MPG but reduce harmful emissions by 75%.

Learn more and order here:


One response to “GAS UP for LESS

  1. Hi Mark; I just saw your segment on Car Myths, like premium gas, and you mentioned filling tires with nitrogen vs free air.
    A friend of mine works for the weights and measures dept in CA.
    He told me that if you buy gas and the station has any air service, usually $.25-50, they HAVE to give you air for FREE!
    If they have a coin operated machine they are required by law to provide you with either the change or a token for the air.
    I don’t know about other states but in CA it’s the law.

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