LOVE is in the AIR

Q: What’s your favorite part of this Wedding Photo?

Funniest answer wins a Cancun travel coupon worth $500 off a 5 day trip from Yucatan-Holidays!

Let the merriment begin!


Wine Country Olive Fest

I’ll be hosting the PRE-OLIVE SOCIAL MIXER next Friday, August 19 6pm-8pm in downtown Paso Robles at the Sculpterra Winery

I’ll be signing books and hosting the evening’s festivities… maybe even doing some Culinary Comedy. It’s a great event and it all benefits a great cause.

The world famous Olive Festival starts on Saturday, and this VIP party features food, wine… and I’m guessing, Olives.

See ya there!


Here’s a new episode of my MSN series, ROAD RAVES. In this one, we show you how to save substantial money on gas to drive farther on each tank of gas.

Watch the video here:

Road Raves

And to REALLY SAVE on gas, check out Envirotabs fuel additives. Just one $3 tablet per tank increases mileage by 15%-20% depending on your driving habits. I personally endorse them, as they not only increase MPG but reduce harmful emissions by 75%.

Learn more and order here:


Outside of Chicago, New Orleans is by far my favorite city in America – whether you’re into food, music, or art there’s never a shortage of great places to go and things to do. Even if you’re DEAD.

At a recent dinner at Breannan’s – the great courtyard restaurant in the Quarter – my friends and gracious hosts Bonnie Warren and Ted Brennan provided a great dinner. If you’ve never been to Brennan’s, you haven’t been to NOLA.

Its a historic building – and its HAUNTED.

Our waiter Jesse told us some stories about the various ghost sightings over the years, then we decided to get the ghosts to show up for us on command ::

Have a look: