No, really.  my new car series, Road Raves, premiered THIS WEEK. Click the Pic below to watch it:

Each week, I’ll dig up facts, figures and fun about new cars, road trips, and ways to SAVE MONEY behind the wheel.

Did you know just inflating your tires correctly can save you 5% on MPG?

Did you know that a dirty air filter can cost you 10% on MPG?

Did you know that SOME fuel additives actually DO work, and can save you up to 20% in MPG?

Well, I KNOW THAT. And I also know you’ve seen these kinds of tips in the media before. Bla Bla Bla… and you assume they don’t really work, or aren’t worth the trouble.  Turns out, THEY ARE. These, and many other small auto adjustments are easy, 5 minute DIY projects that save you hundreds of dollars a year?  And I’ll bring you a screen full of them every week on Road Raves.

And because I AM the “Road Trip Raja” – I’ve been to more cities in America than you can spell — I’ve added a new page ALL ABOUT TRAVEL to my site, where I’ll constantly update you on TRAVEL DEALS, Chicago’s BEST ROAD TRIPS OF THE WEEK, and tested ways to save money on the road:  Click Pics below to be enlightened:



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