Hey Hey… its a comedy legend

Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Lovely Cuban and I went to see the MONKEES at the Greek.

They played all their hits… and a lot of other songs… and the packed house really enjoyed the show. They guys looked great and really seemed to be having a ball. During the concert, a non-stop barrage of comedy clips from their TV series played behind each song – you forget how funny that series was. And how frozen in time it is.

But for me, the highlight of the night was meeting COMEDY LEGEND STAN FREBERG.

Stan and Mel Blanc were the original voices of every cartoon character you’ve EVER laughed at. Stan began as an advertising exec, then did comedy LPs, radio, cartoons… and evidently, at least one episode of the Monkees TV series – according to Mickey Dolenz.

In a thousand years, I wouldn’t have expected to meet Stan at a Monkees show…. but there you go.  If you enjoy American comedy, you’ve laughed at Stan Freberg. If you don’t – you should.

At 85 years – he’s still going strong!  Long may he laugh!


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