This vs That: Sneak Preview… turns out it IS Rocket Science!

There has GOT TO BE a Faster way to load a plane with passengers… right? RIGHT? RIIIIGHT???

I’ve been on 1000 flights over the past decade, and the worst part is getting on and off the plane. People INSIST on jumping the ling, rushing to get onto the Jetway, so that they can fight their way into the cabin…. then stand for 5 minutes, blocking the aisle while stuffing 10 pounds of bag into a 5 pound hole and GETTING IN MY WAY.  Then, when we land, EVERYONE LEAPS PAVLOVIANLY TO THEIR FEET the minute that ‘bong’ goes off… then stands like cows waiting to be slaughtered. Not moving, not talking, not looking around. Cramming the aisle like zombies, while they hurry to turn on their smart phones to see how many enthralling Facebook updates they missed while locked in the cyber-solitude of the flight. It truly makes me want to drive. Everywhere.  There just HAS to be a better way to do it.

Turns out, there is. But it took an Astrophysicist to figure it out.  Here’s a sneak peek at a new comedy series I’m hosting with comedians Chris Tallman [Reno 911] & Brad Sherwood [Who’s Line is it Anyway]  Our new show is called:

… and in this sneak preview and article from the Daily News, a full on Doctor from FermiLab in Batavia, IL explains how.


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