Help Me Out!

Only in Chicago.  After I finished up a live remote from Millenium Park the other day, we still had time on the clock with the microwave remote truck. Never one to waste resources, I decided to test out the conventional wisdom that Chicagoans are more friendly – and willing to bend over backwards to help even a stranger.

I stood in front of the Bean (actually the Gateway Cloud) pretending to be in distress. Mary our producer screamed at me from the truck, intern Brett shouted a frantic countdown to when I’d be “live” on the air — AND OUR GUEST STILL HADN’T ARRIVED.

I needed someone to help me out – and I found him






No, really.  my new car series, Road Raves, premiered THIS WEEK. Click the Pic below to watch it:

Each week, I’ll dig up facts, figures and fun about new cars, road trips, and ways to SAVE MONEY behind the wheel.

Did you know just inflating your tires correctly can save you 5% on MPG?

Did you know that a dirty air filter can cost you 10% on MPG?

Did you know that SOME fuel additives actually DO work, and can save you up to 20% in MPG?

Well, I KNOW THAT. And I also know you’ve seen these kinds of tips in the media before. Bla Bla Bla… and you assume they don’t really work, or aren’t worth the trouble.  Turns out, THEY ARE. These, and many other small auto adjustments are easy, 5 minute DIY projects that save you hundreds of dollars a year?  And I’ll bring you a screen full of them every week on Road Raves.

And because I AM the “Road Trip Raja” – I’ve been to more cities in America than you can spell — I’ve added a new page ALL ABOUT TRAVEL to my site, where I’ll constantly update you on TRAVEL DEALS, Chicago’s BEST ROAD TRIPS OF THE WEEK, and tested ways to save money on the road:  Click Pics below to be enlightened:


Windy City LIVE predicts the Future

Two weeks ago, I did what I thought was a comedy piece about a new “law” in Chicago that prohibits people from walking on the street while cell talking or texting:

It was received with much hilarity because of the utter impossibility of any sane city actually enacting a law such as Walk and No Talk…  Cue Philadelphia:

Hey Hey… its a comedy legend

Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Lovely Cuban and I went to see the MONKEES at the Greek.

They played all their hits… and a lot of other songs… and the packed house really enjoyed the show. They guys looked great and really seemed to be having a ball. During the concert, a non-stop barrage of comedy clips from their TV series played behind each song – you forget how funny that series was. And how frozen in time it is.

But for me, the highlight of the night was meeting COMEDY LEGEND STAN FREBERG.

Stan and Mel Blanc were the original voices of every cartoon character you’ve EVER laughed at. Stan began as an advertising exec, then did comedy LPs, radio, cartoons… and evidently, at least one episode of the Monkees TV series – according to Mickey Dolenz.

In a thousand years, I wouldn’t have expected to meet Stan at a Monkees show…. but there you go.  If you enjoy American comedy, you’ve laughed at Stan Freberg. If you don’t – you should.

At 85 years – he’s still going strong!  Long may he laugh!

This vs That: Sneak Preview… turns out it IS Rocket Science!

There has GOT TO BE a Faster way to load a plane with passengers… right? RIGHT? RIIIIGHT???

I’ve been on 1000 flights over the past decade, and the worst part is getting on and off the plane. People INSIST on jumping the ling, rushing to get onto the Jetway, so that they can fight their way into the cabin…. then stand for 5 minutes, blocking the aisle while stuffing 10 pounds of bag into a 5 pound hole and GETTING IN MY WAY.  Then, when we land, EVERYONE LEAPS PAVLOVIANLY TO THEIR FEET the minute that ‘bong’ goes off… then stands like cows waiting to be slaughtered. Not moving, not talking, not looking around. Cramming the aisle like zombies, while they hurry to turn on their smart phones to see how many enthralling Facebook updates they missed while locked in the cyber-solitude of the flight. It truly makes me want to drive. Everywhere.  There just HAS to be a better way to do it.

Turns out, there is. But it took an Astrophysicist to figure it out.  Here’s a sneak peek at a new comedy series I’m hosting with comedians Chris Tallman [Reno 911] & Brad Sherwood [Who’s Line is it Anyway]  Our new show is called:

… and in this sneak preview and article from the Daily News, a full on Doctor from FermiLab in Batavia, IL explains how.