My Chicago Buddy

The Windy City Live office at ABC Chicago is busy as we prepare for our premiere this week, after Oprah Winfrey signs off for the final time. Our new talk show starts Thursday, May 26th at 9AM Chicago time on WLS-TV, channel 7 Chicago, and will be streamed live everyday at the same time on

Last Thursday, I taped what is probably the most incredible interview of my career. I spent the entire day with Blues Legend BUDDY GUY.
The day started off in Buddy’s bucolic home, on a woodsy lot that resembles his native Louisiana, outside of Chicago. Buddy welcomed us into his house and gave me a tour of his photo room – showcasing some of the incredible photos he’s collected during his 50+ year career.

After that, we drove around Chicago all day, visiting some of Buddy’s old haunts like the sites of the 708 Club, Theresa’s and the home of the Father of Chicago Blues, Muddy Waters:

Buddy shared a bunch of great stories – some on, some off camera – and the best of it all will appear in our Buddy Guy tribute show in June.  At 74 years young, Buddy’s new album may well be his best ever, and he’s got the energy of a man half his age. He was gracious, funny, open, honest and tremendously candid.

As we drove around town, Buddy played his Strat in the back of the Escalade, he took me to his favorite shops – for hats, for fish. He took me to the places where he BECAME Buddy Guy, guitar slinger. He talked about his friend, Stevie Ray Vaughan and that fateful night in Alpine Valley Wisconsin and how it came to be that Stevie got on that copter instead of someone else. I could share more, but instead will tell you to tune into our show to hear and see what I’m talking about.

Sometimes when you meet your heroes, you’re disappointed because they just don’t measure up to the iconic image you’ve built up in your mind. But every once an awhile, you get even more than you expect. My day with Buddy will be one that I remember forever. The day the Myth became a man. And my pal.


And make sure to start watching WINDY CITY LIVE Thursday May 26th!


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