Always travel with your camera. You never know who you’ll run into…

…Like Samantha Brown, my ol’ pal from the Travel Channel.

We were both performing at the record-setting Adventure Travel Show in Washington DC, and got to talking about our communal cameraman, Brian “Briny Boo” Miller:

THIS is why you should never travel without your camera. The key is to get a good camera- small enough to always have in your pocket, big enough so that it takes quality images. I’m always testing out new cameras, looking for that perfect balance. Ideally, you want a model that takes good stills – 14MP – with a fast flash, and built in video is always good… just in case your friends start talking.

One big problem I always have is running out of room on my memory cards, ESPECIALLY when I’m shooting video. Any decent resolution of video eats up Gigabytes – and when you shoot HD, 4 GB’s fills up with only 9 minutes of footage.

And when you leave home without your dubbing cables – which I often do – once your card is full, ITS FULL… and you’re stuck the rest of the trip, not being able to shoot more pics or video. Which is how I missed that shot of Big Foot and Santa making out at the Waffle House in Macon, GA.

Luckily, I discovered a great new gadget. It’s called the Eye Fi – an 8GB SD Memory card with WI-FI BUILT RIGHT IN.

Yep. You shoot photos or video with your camera, then from any Wi-Fi hot spot, you can wirelessly upload your content to your computer or to a variety of social media sites like; Facebook, Picassa, Mobile Me… whatever you use. Just zap your pics to the cloud, wirelessly. Somehow they’ve built in a Wi-Fi transmitter INTO the SD card. You can get more info and see the tutorial at

Shoot all you want, zap it to the clouds, then keep on shooting. You’ll never run out of space – which is great for those times when you run into a sweetheart like Samantha Brown! Or the newly slender Brian Miller.


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