Korean Food in a Limelight of International Attention


[This is an actual article from last week’s Adventure Travel show in DC – And you thought I was just a gastro-god in the good ol’ US of A!]

Korean food is removing some-more and some-more general attention. In Washington D.C., many Americans got their initial ambience during a Travel Adventure Show hold during a Washington Convention Center on Mar 12, 2011, pleasantness of a Korean Cultural Center during a Embassy of a Republic of Korea.


The Travel Adventure Show, one of a many renouned expos in a United States for transport and informative exhibits, featured an Embassy Chef Demonstrations in that chefs from 7 embassies presented their country’s normal food. Actor and comedian Mark DeCarlo of a Travel Channel’s strike uncover Taste of America hosted a three-hour program, including introducing duck soups from Belgium, Korea and Norway.

Chef Young A Lee presented a program’s Korean cuisine. The initial Korean to accept an Associate of Occupational Studies grade from a Culinary Institute of America, one of a tip cooking schools in a world, Lee specializes in her local Korean cuisine and now runs Café Recess on Capital Hill, after years of knowledge during Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, and Cuisine America.

Crowds collected to take in a sight, sound, and delicious smell as Lee prepared normal Korean colourless barbecue, or bulgogi. She also presented and explained several forms of kimchi, Korea’s iconic spicy, preserved unfeeling sidedish, and a preference of Korean stately cuisine that stays renouned today.

As Korean food becomes some-more and some-more informed in a United States as a healthy, juicy choice for bland meals, this eventuality was a possibility to reconfirm a flourishing recognition during home and abroad.

By Jintaek Lim, Jihye Goo, and Myounghwa Lucy Lee



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