FROZEN Minnesota Guac

Last week in Minnepolis, MN it was 10.

Back when I lived in Chicago, 10F was no big deal. I laughed at 10, chortled at 5 and spit in the face of Wind Chill… until I learned you don’t spit when its that cold unless you want to wear it.  I’d poke fun at all the people around me who shivered, who wore 5 layers of clothes and whined about the weather. I didn’t mind leaving the house an extra 45 minutes early to warm up the car, scrape the windshield, dig out the tires, re-scrape the windshield, then slide off to work. I felt strong – like a Frontiersman… like Lincoln, even, taming the elements with my vigor, might… and little scrapy/broomy thing from behind the passenger seat. That’s how it is when you grow up in Chicago…

But last week taught me i’ve been living in LA toooooo long. I’ve become my own object of ridicule – a wimp who cries when the skies turn gray and sleet rules the road.

Minneapolis was FREEZING cold. Everything was gray and salted over as I made my way out to the US FOODS distribution warehouse. USF supplies some of the best restaurants in the country with top notch produce — receiving millions of pounds of limes and lettuce, meat and milk through their huge elephant doors, and then systematically disgorging them onto one of 90 semitrucks PER DAY that roll out and deliver precise grocery orders to restaurants all over the country. $400 Million dollars of food pass through their giant doors every year – and its US Food’s job to make sure every piece – every pear – every slice of cheese – meets stringent US Government standards so that the restaurants that USE these groceries can whip up great meals – so that YOU are happy and satisfied when you unhook your belt and sigh contentedly after your meal.  Sound difficult? It is… way more than you probably know.

Most folks don’t know – or probably care – how their food gets from the field to their table.  But I gotta say, its an amazing journey. One that USF Sales guru John Mueller explained in great detail during my Grand Tour:

All of which turned out to be VERY important to me, when  KARE-11 TV wanted me to do a cooking segment on their midday show.

I decided to re-create a delicious Shrimp Yucatan Guacamole recipe I learned at Taste of Playa in Playa del Carmen in November. We were staying at the Hacienda Tres Rios – the All Inclusive Spa resort I give away vacations to during my live shows – and had this great dish down the road at the Iberostar:

Now you see why I thought it would be great to introduce it to the stoic Germans and Norsk up in the Frozen North. The only problem::: where do I find fresh avocados and veggies when its 10 below?  After my Grand Tour, I knew exactly who to call.

John and his team brought all the fresh, delicious food I needed for the recipe to the station, and enabled what turned out to be a pretty funny cooking demo. Click on the picture below to take a look and get a copy of the recipe.  Chances are the next time you eat a great meal in a restaurant near you, the food came from the same place as my guac!


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