South Beach Boogie

Just got back from a great week in Miami working with the good folks at US Food.

US Food is like the BASF of edibles. They don’t MAKE food, but they MAKE sure that the food you DO get – in restaurants, clubs and swanky eateries – is fresh, delicious and plentiful.  They have an army of foodie associates that canvass the country, making sure every restaurant gets their produce, meats, fish and whatnots, in time and ready to turn into delicious dinners for you and your peeps.

They’re throwing a big party for their Freakin’ Food Army, and I was down in South Beach, shooting fun videos for the show.

We drove all over the city, looking for quintessential “Miami” food. Obviously, there’s nothing typical about South Beach, but that just made the search that much more fun. After a long day of poking around, we finally found some entertainment – at Johnny Rockets!

Check out the guy on the left… he’s a bit out of synch.  But geez, he’s trying!

Can’t wait to get back to South Florida!


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