ADVENTURE TRAVEL SHOW – Live Chicago Appearance

It was FREEZING COLD, yet somehow slushy on Sunday as we made out way out to the Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont for the Chicago Travel and Adventure show. But luckily that didn’t stop my friends and fans from braving the muck to say hello and eat some Fiery Food.

COLD and NASTY is perfect weather for a TRAVEL SHOW.  Record crowds crushed into the huge Convention center in Rosemont over the weekend to shop for travel bargains, gadgets and once-in-a-lifetime experiences like African Safari’s and a chance to meet ME and watch my Fiery Food Challenge show.

There supposedly was a way to get your shoes shined, but unless this was an automatic stand, I missed the boat.

The cooking stage was set up next to my book booth and filled up early with hungry travelers.  The first recipe was Mexican Hot Chocolate… with real chocolate and chili powder. Next up, a chef from the Chicago Lyric Opera did a great curry cabbage dish from Africa, and the show ended with a first year Cordon Bleu student who was missing several ingredients for his recipe.  The kid needed oil to start his recipe, but forgot to bring it. But, instead of panicking, he improvised with coconut fat and kept going…his chicken dish turned out GREAT. And everyone at the Fiery Food stage got to taste all three and was provided with the recipe.

TRAVEL ON YOUR TONGUE!  The best way to really experience a city is through its food. Every page in my book is dripping with local flavor, and there’s simply no better way to ‘be there’ than to eat. You sit, you talk to strangers… eating is the essence of travel. Which is why you have to follow the TEN RULES in the book.

Speaking of the book, my apologies to the fans who came to my booth AFTER I sold out. I had no idea so many folks would be coming by and I didn’t bring enough. How was I supposed to know that the show would break all records and draw more people than ever before??  You can always email me and order a signed copy via PayPal ( or get an unsigned copy in bookstores or online.

Because the show was in Chicago, a got the chance to see a lot of old friends who came by the booth. Chicago Radio Legend Steve Cochran stopped by and hung out for a while, holding down the fort – kinda – while I was on stage. I say kinda, because while he was sitting there alone, a few people came by and just stole my book.  They must have dazzled Steve with a shiny object that looked like a radio microphone.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to talk, read, eat or laugh.  I’ll see you the next time I come home. You can keep up with my travel schedule right here.



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