Chicago Fox

So good to be back in the Fox Chicago studios this morning.

Even when its 15 degrees under gloomy skies, the CIty of Chicago sparkles.  The Fox studios are in a great location, just south of the River on Michigan Ave. I was coming back to promote my book signing at the Adventure Travel Show this Sunday, 1/30,  from 11am-3pm at the Stevens Convention center near O’Hare. I’ll be signing books, and giving away great travel prizes.

I was greeted at the security door by my old pal Jennifer Stuzik from STUDS days, and whisked into the green room. I’m not usually up at this hour, so it was fun to watch the show.  Hosts Corey McPherrin and Anna Davlantes were great, goofing around, then downshifting into anchor-mode to cover a news story about a car chase… in the middle of the night. I thought only LA dedicated copter-cam time to those chases.

Video shows the carjacked car careening off a school bus (empty) and smashing into a light pole.  The car shakes, but won’t restart, so the carjacker who’d bene evading the cops all night long, jumped out and started running away… on ice!  It was like a cartoon… his feet were scrambling, but he wasn’t going ANYWHERE. Finally, Chicago’s finest converge on the guy and ‘subdue’ him into a snow bank.  What an idiot! There’s no better way to piss off Chicago’s Finest than forcing them to skip their morning coffee and donuts to chase some thug in a 1978 Chevy Monza.  After the snow settled, it was my turn:

Mark DeCarlo Taking on New Challenge:


Usually these kind of interviews are very strange. I walk into the studio, sit down next to a total stranger, then the red lights go on and we pretend like we’ve been buddies forever. Joviality ensues, they plug my book, and I leave – feeling only a LITTLE dirty and post-prom-ish.  But Corey had actually read my bio, so we talked Chicago and Second City friends until the light went on.  For some reason, Anna didn’t say anything – they’d framed her out of the shot, but we yakked afterwards… when I found out they are both fans of Chicago radio personality Steve Cochran – who isn’t?

I was a regular on Steve’s WGN AM Radio show for 3 years until the Tribune Company ousted him in favor of a guy who can’t carry Steve’s spit bucket.  Steve’s now on in St.Louis KRTS evenings. He went to St. Louis to be closer to Ryan Theriot – though he insists they are ‘just friends.’

A great day to wake up early and get my Chi-Mojo workin’

TOMORROW – at 7:45 AM, I go back to the FIRST TV STUDIO I EVER ENTERED – 2501 W. Bradley Place, Chicago, Il the TV home of the hallowed, the incomparable… BOZO THE CLOWN

TUNE IN on the SuperStation WGN


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