If you’ve read the book or seen the show, you know I’m from Chicago. Though I currently live in the deep-dish wasteland that is Los Angeles, I still have some precious family left back in the Windy City.

Three of my favorites are my Aunts. Rosie, Juanna and Lena live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and always put on a great, wonderful dinner when ever I get to town. We spend the day talking in the kitchen, drinking pop, and cooking. There is no place better on Earth than that kitchen when their homemade sausage is cooking in the oven.

The Rocco family (my mother’s side) was evidently famous in Chicago for their sausage recipe, so as the Holiday approach and you’re wondering WHAT you can make that will cause a happy hubub at your party, I offer their 100 year old – fresh from scratch – Italian sausage recipe.

I’d reprint it here … if it had ever been written down. But it hasn’t. Like most great Italian specialities, it only lives on in the minds of the women who make it. So to you, my loyal blogo-readers, I present the real deal:



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