Saving Money on Holiday Travel

As the holiday approach, airlines will be spinning all kinds of deals and promotions to get us flying again – especially now that we have to endure the full body squeeeeze or be shot up with radiation. There are also other ways to save even MORE money that the airlines will never advertise… so I thought I would.

IF YOU ARE FLEXIBLE ON TRAVEL DATES:  has great deals, but you may not fly when you want. You can also book days in advance because they take unsold inventory from the major carriers and sell it off at the … last minute. Every wonder why every plane seems to be filled to every seat – LMT.  and  are other sites with good deals, though not as time sensitive as LMT

If you don’t mind a little eBay style bidding to book a trip, check out  They do the same thing as LMT, but auction style. You can sometimes get GREAT deals if you wait until right before you fly… but you also run the risk of not getting anything.

If you prefer to stick with the big carriers, there are ways to save money there too.

Check each site for promo codes and last minute deals. Now that all these other sites are having success, the airlines are trying to bring the same methodology in-house by issuing codes and deals for unsold seats.  If you don’t find them on the airline site, Google search airline name + promo code. Most airlines also now have their own apps that can alert you to deals that pop up last minute. Southwest has a good one, DING. American’s DealFinder works well too.

There is one site that gathers all the above information in the most timely and accurate fashion. constantly searches all the sites and publishes the best deals anywhere, all the time. ShopSmart calls it ‘the single best code source.’  So there ya go!



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