Phoenix Bound / Another 5 star review

Headed off to Host the Crave Arizona event tonight in Scottsdale, then a book signing at Borders in Scottsdale tomorrow.  check my ‘calendar of events’ for details.

Woke up today to another very gratifying review on Amazon. Keep ’em coming!


“A Fork In The Road” will make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all it made me hungry! Being Italian, Catholic,and being from Chicago, I identified with so many of Mark’s stories. My entire family really enjoyed his show Taste Of America, and this book is a perfect follow-up. Reading this book was such an entertaining ride that I bought 2 more as gifts for friends. I would like to read more from this genuinely funny guy – is there more traveling and eating in his future? There were many cities not mentioned that I would like to hear about, and what about other countries? It is also incredibly refreshing to hear from someone who is out there loving life, and enjoying lots of different foods!! Vegan? Gluten-free? Organic? As we say on the east coast – forget about it! This book makes me want to go get an Al’s Italian Beef sandwich! I highly recommend this book to just about anyone.


Maryanne in Darien, CT


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