The First Winners of “Win a Book Club Night With Mark” contest will get their prize this Friday Night, when I travel to Santa Monica California to the home of Doris Meek and moderate a lively night of conversation, critical opinions and fawning praise for my book.  I travel – at no cost to Doris Meek – and arrive on my own dime, because I want to support literacy… and ladies who read.  My beloved Aunt Cookie was an avid reader, and I also do this because I saw how much joy HER book club brought to her over the years. So, since I can’t kiss her face anymore – this is the next best thing. Going to book clubs in stranger’s homes all over the country.

Weeks ago, Doris submitted her request and was selected from the tub full of entries to win a wild night of literary lunacy. Doris and 15 of her closest friends are reading my book this week, then on Friday night will meet to discuss it, Oprah Book Club Style. We’ll shoot the entire night and post the videos over the weekend.   We might even stream live and take questions from you on Skype. At this moment, I have no idea if the ladies – and they will ALL be ladies – will like the book, or hate it. I kind of hope a few of them despise it, so I can explain to them why they’re wrong, and in an emotional Oprah moment, get them to weep and beg for forgiveness. That, or I’ll just enjoy the apps and white wine.

Some of my Favorite Ladies Book Clubs:


Talk about a tough crowd... I think I'd start with the Avocado chapter





Laughing Ladies Book Club.... notice the bottles and glasses on the table, thus the 'laughing'



Our Next Win a Book CLub Night with Mark contest will take place in Chicago, the first week of December.

If you’d like to enter, in 50 words or less, plus at least one travel photo of your own, tell me why travel is one of your favorite things and your best/worst food story from your travels.  Post them here on this blog, and through a combination of fair voting and unfair unilateral deciding on whether or not I’d survive the night, we’ll pick a winner and announce around Thanksgiving.

No Purchase Necessary. Void where Prohibited… where ever that is.  And actually, you DO have to purchase the book to read it… unless you just want to stand in Barnes and Noble for hours.


1) Must supply at least 15 people for Book Club Night, all of whom must be okay with being videotaped during discussions.

2) Supply drinks and nosh… so that the book tastes even better.

3) Must not be a convicted felon or a cannibal.

4) There is no cost to have me come to your house, so at least make sure you got the broads – or sheepish men – to make my trip worth it.


THAT’S IT! Go at it. 50 words or less.  Round Two begins NOW!


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