Meet Mark when he comes to your town – he’s always THRILLED to sign your book, take some pics and cook you dinner.  Well… maybe not “cook”, but he’s good at watching other people cook.  Mark will touring the country from now until June 2011  at Festivals, Restaurants & Events.  Follow his journey at and on the Facebook FanPage

10/8: Old Blues Eyes FRIDAY SHOW
With Special Guests Steve Waddington
&  Chris Kenny
9PM – 12AM  @ LIFE on Wilshire

10/10/10: Host Savor the Season Food/Wine Fest
6-9 PM  The Lot Studios 1041 N. Formosa  Hollywood
10/16: Host Taste of Italy Food/Wine Fest
4 – 9PM  424 N. Main St.  Downtown Los Angeles
10/23: Host CRAVE AZ  Food/Wine Fest
Fri-Sun  Scottsdale, AZ
11/4-5: Kevin Brown Classic
Macon, GA
11/5: Barnes & Noble Book Reading/Signing
7-9 PM  Macon, GA       478-474-0161
11/18 – 11/22: Host  Taste of Playa Int’l Food & Wine Fest
11AM – 9PM  Sun  10/21    Cancun, Mexico

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