HURRAY for the USPS!

That is NOT a misprint.  I recently mailed three signed copies of my book to my beloved friends, The Johnsons, in Louisville, KY.  Pictured here with me in mid-jump at the Owensboro Burgoo Festival:

Tom & Nancy Johnson proving Gravity is real

I sent them, as I always do, via Priority Mail in the envelope.  But this time, i sent 3 books in one envelope — which turned out to be too many: the envelope arrived at the Johnsons – completely empty.

I got mad at the Post Office, and was on my way out the door to send 3 more books, when i got the email below from a Postal Officer in Kentucky –

“I received 3 “A Fork on the Road” books today, personally signed by
Mark.  One is inscribed to Johnson & Johnson, “you two kicked off this
whole book in Owensboro. Everytime I enjoy some “hot brown” I think of
you”.  XXOO Mark.  I’m sure they’re intended for someone in Owensboro,
KY and I would be happy to get them repackaged and sent on their way
if you can supply me the name and address to send them to.

I have to admit, I’m a Foodnetwork junkie…and I
have thumbed through this book and it is absolutely a must have in my
cookbook collection.  Mark is very funny.

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Beverly XXXXXX
Consumer Affairs Office USPS
Kentuckiana District

I will never complain about Postal Service again!

Thanks Beverly!


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