Meet Mark when he comes to your town – he’s always THRILLED to sign your book, take some pics and cook you dinner.  Well… maybe not “cook”, but he’s good at watching other people cook.  Mark will touring the country from now until June 2011  at Festivals, Restaurants & Events.  Follow his journey at and on the Facebook FanPage

10/8: Old Blues Eyes FRIDAY SHOW
With Special Guests Steve Waddington
&  Chris Kenny
9PM – 12AM  @ LIFE on Wilshire

10/10/10: Host Savor the Season Food/Wine Fest
6-9 PM  The Lot Studios 1041 N. Formosa  Hollywood
10/16: Host Taste of Italy Food/Wine Fest
4 – 9PM  424 N. Main St.  Downtown Los Angeles
10/23: Host CRAVE AZ  Food/Wine Fest
Fri-Sun  Scottsdale, AZ
11/4-5: Kevin Brown Classic
Macon, GA
11/5: Barnes & Noble Book Reading/Signing
7-9 PM  Macon, GA       478-474-0161
11/18 – 11/22: Host  Taste of Playa Int’l Food & Wine Fest
11AM – 9PM  Sun  10/21    Cancun, Mexico

Author to Author

My Pal, Andrew Gottlieb, author of “Drink, Play, F@#k” pretending to actually purchase my book in NYC.

Must be something going on in New York, another funny friend, Jimmy Palumbo, from ‘Artie Lang’s Beer League” also saw the book in a Manhattan book store window.

Putting me in a New York state of mind!

Everybody loves Groucho the Dog

A great email from a Florida Fan & one of my favorite pics of Groucho:

Mark, I was reading the book and got to the Groucho passing away and was crying like anything, my husband,Jerry thought I was totally nuts! It reminded me of my trusty dog Rex, he just showed up one day, dumped out of a car and bloody.  Stayed in our garage for a whole year without coming out from under an old model A that we had in there. I fed him left overs…he loved my lasagne!

One day I was sitting on the front steps planting some violets in pots and saw him out of the corner of my eye…sneaking closer and closer.  Mark, he came over and put his head on my leg and just looked up at me and I totally lost it and was hugging and kissing him for an hour…turned out to be the best dog we ever had.  He would really protect our property when we were at work.

Never bit anyone, but scared the living hell out of a lot of people. One day our neighbors’ cattle got loose and came on our property, I did not know what the hell to do and was scared that they would stampede me…I yelled to Rex, GET THEM, REX.  Honest to God, he rounded them up and took them home to their pasture…to my knowledge, he had never even seen a cow before.

My boy!! what a hero.Sorry to go on…I owed that to my buddy.  He is buried in Libertyville  on our old property with his dog tags and a St Francis of Assisi medal on his cross. You are so talented in so many ways… I love your sense of humor.

M . Port St. Lucie, FL

DineLA with the Mayor

Tuesday morning I hosted the 2010 DineLA kickoff event, a press conference with Mayor Villaraigosa at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood. The place was packed with the best chefs in LA to kick of Fall Restaurant week – 300 area restaurants participating in reduced price lunches and dinners from 10/3-8 and again the following week.

All the details are at

This first event was the QUICKFIRE challenge and pitted 3 executive chefs in a 15 minute cook-off

Chefs Ben Ford, Bob Gillard, David LeFevre & Mark Peel

HURRAY for the USPS!

That is NOT a misprint.  I recently mailed three signed copies of my book to my beloved friends, The Johnsons, in Louisville, KY.  Pictured here with me in mid-jump at the Owensboro Burgoo Festival:

Tom & Nancy Johnson proving Gravity is real

I sent them, as I always do, via Priority Mail in the envelope.  But this time, i sent 3 books in one envelope — which turned out to be too many: the envelope arrived at the Johnsons – completely empty.

I got mad at the Post Office, and was on my way out the door to send 3 more books, when i got the email below from a Postal Officer in Kentucky –

“I received 3 “A Fork on the Road” books today, personally signed by
Mark.  One is inscribed to Johnson & Johnson, “you two kicked off this
whole book in Owensboro. Everytime I enjoy some “hot brown” I think of
you”.  XXOO Mark.  I’m sure they’re intended for someone in Owensboro,
KY and I would be happy to get them repackaged and sent on their way
if you can supply me the name and address to send them to.

I have to admit, I’m a Foodnetwork junkie…and I
have thumbed through this book and it is absolutely a must have in my
cookbook collection.  Mark is very funny.

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Beverly XXXXXX
Consumer Affairs Office USPS
Kentuckiana District

I will never complain about Postal Service again!

Thanks Beverly!